Our Aim

Indiansverse is an initiative to bring all Indians who are residing in Australia to come closer to each other. Indiansverse is a platform for providing and homely atmosphere for already residing and freshly arriving Indians to Australia.

Our Mission

To give Indians resources and attention they need to remain connected to their culture and heritage.

About Us

Indiansverse is a platform not only to bring Indians together but make them familiarize with all possible India-related destinations in Australia, like worship places, Indian shops, restaurants, and many more.

Every year more than 40000 Indians come to Australia, most of them are students. When a new person arrives in a different country, the first and the foremost question arises at that time is 'where to live', secondly where to eat, then where to buy groceries, then job and many more. When someone living more than 10000KM far from the family, celebrating a festival alone is not fun at all. 

Indiansverse is taking the first step to bring every Indian residing in Australia under one roof along with all available services. At Indiansverse we know it's hard to live alone far from family. Indiansverse is here for the students, who make new friends, for couples and families, who can find similar couples and families to get along. Kids can find similar age group friends to play with.

With a series of events and other activities, which Indiansverse going to organize in the near future, to help newbies to get along with new friends, providing information on cultural values to kids, which eventually will allow them to actually get used to a multicultural environment.